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Ginger in Blackseed Honey

It's an amazingly delicious honey, and especially when you're feeling under the weather. My granddaughter loves the taste too, in her cereal. Helped us so much when we were down with the flu recently.

APILIFE Green Bee Propolis Drops (Brazil) - (10g)

Oh Too Goooooood!

This is my absolute favorite!


Honey with ginger was delicious and tasty, nice jar as well.
Many thanks for the great quality product you offers to consumers!
Best wishes!

I’ve tried theirs and shifa’s all flavours. This one is the best tasting. I take a spoon everyday with my evening tea and love it!!

Best tasting High quality

Went into healthy planet for some cold and flu items and honey, an API life rep happened to be there to educate on the product, he gave me a sample of both the green propolis honey and ginger honey. Wow you could literally taste the high quality of honey, definitely unmatched. Moving forward this will be the ONLY brand of honey I ever purchase.

Can do better with delivery service.

We haven’t received the products still. It’s been a month and a half. Rediculous wait time for this delivery.

Great product

Fantastic tasting honey ! Quick shipping and excellent customer service.

Raw Black Seed Honey

I have been on black seed honey for years, this is my new favorite.


Great combination, 2 ancient elixirs in one. Perfect.

Deliciously nutritious on a slice of toasted bread. Make sure to hide it from the kids.

Very good product. Looks pretty authentic with a strong organic Ginger taste.

Very nice mix of Honey and black seed.

It amazing and tast fantastic.

I can't believe this is actually good for you...

Because its criminal how happy this makes me after every spoon! Never had a more enjoyable taste of a flavoured infused honey than this fine crafted creation.

Try it and you'll discover a new pantry staple.

Delicious, just right for me! Using it on just toasted bread, its super good.

Very tasty black seed honey with a hint of ginger flavour, unlike how I was expecting. We strongly believe that the honey, blackseed and ginger is a good combination to boost the immune system during these hard times.
Very nice packaing and friendly advice on honeys. We bought already 2 jars and will be buying more very soon.

Ma sha Allah. Amazing honey with the perfect ratio of turmeric and cinnamon.