Advantages of Black Seed Honey

Advantages of Black Seed Honey

In order to understand how Black Seed Flower Honey gets its medicinal properties, we need to understand how bees create black seed honey and incorporate the medicinal compounds of the plant into the end product.

 Unlike other pollinators who are exclusive nectar-feeders, bees are feeding generalists. That means that they collect nectar, pollen, essential oils and other side-products present at the flowers.

 On the other hand, it is in the plant’s best interest to provide high-quality food for bees, and that also includes medicinal bioactive components. Bees require pathogen-free nectar. That is why flowering plants have evolved the capacity to incorporate antimicrobial and other medicinal properties into their blooms.

Bees collect these products along with the nectar and store it in their colonies. Besides using honey for food, they also use the essential oils, antibacterial and antiviral components they had foraged. You could say that the honeycombs represent both food storage and a pharmacy. The fact that they can enhance their colonies’ health by storing the bioactive compounds and using them as needed gives them a great evolutionary advantage over other insects.

Through apiculture, humans have found a way to tap into this holy alliance between flowers and bees, and use the bee products for their own advantage.


Black Seed Oil vs. Black Seed Honey


Naturally, there is quite a lot of difference between ground black seed, black seed oil, and black seed honey.

Black Seed Honey Superior Taste

One of the few drawbacks of consuming seeds and the oil derived from them is the taste. Many people have an issue with its bitterness and specific aroma despite being aware that it’s super healthy. Sometimes our senses just won’t cooperate with reason, and the result can be an irrational, yet strong aversion to healthy foods such as black seed.

Fortunately, consuming the seeds or seed oil is not the only way to experience the black seed benefits.

Pure black seed honey is an exclusive monofloral honey that is made by bees feeding on Nigella satvia flowers only. Unlike black seed oil, black seed honey has a sweet flavor and exquisite aroma and lets you experience some of the black seed benefits while also giving a treat to your taste buds.

Honey and Black Seed Synergistic Effect


Another advantage of using medicinal flower honey is the synergistic effect between the plant’s medicinal components and the bioactive components of bee metabolism that are naturally found in honey. For example, a study has shown a noticeable synergetic effect of black seed honey infusion (ground black seed and honey) on wound healing. Based on the available knowledge, a similar effect can be assumed for monofloral medicinal honey such as black seed honey.

Black Seed Honey Safety


Lastly, although black seed oil has been proven safe by studies, a certain amount of toxicity and potentially unwanted metabolic effects have been observed. As the concentration of active compounds is smaller, consumption of black seed honey comes with no risks of such kind.



Here is a short list of Black Seed Benefits:

o Strengthens the heart

o Reduces blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels

o Boosts immunity and eases indigestion

o Relieves cough and chest congestion

o Serve as an anti-inflammatory agent

o Purifies the blood and activates the liver

o Acts as an antihistamine

o Acts as a diuretic and cleanses the urinary system

o Improves thyroid functions

o Reduces pain and stiffness associated with rheumatoid arthritis

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