Our brand APILIFE is the product of a 25-year operation in apiculture and distribution by Mujeza Al Shifa Honey. Recognized for our expertise in the production of pure, exotic and premium honey across the world. 

The purpose of APILIFE is to introduce to the world the plentiful benefits of honey through a variety of product types; such as natural food, confectionary, cosmetics and for personal hygiene.

Our Promise

A rigorous process to ensure high quality and beyond high standards of honey farming and distribution.

A variety of premium honey infused with gourmet ingredients

Ongoing researching of new and exotic ingredients to infuse honey with, for health benefits

Ensure and exceed best practices of storage and handling of honey products from start to end.

Complete transparency with our process of production and ingredients

 NO pasteurization, NO GMOs, NO adulteration, NO chemical additions.

Leave us a request or a suggestion as our research team is always looking for new challenges!



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