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Why combining Blackseed Honey with Ginger helps strengthen your immune system

Why combining Blackseed Honey with Ginger helps strengthen your immune system

Monofloral honey refers to a type of honey that is largely gathered from one flower type. Blackseed, or Nigela sativa, is a plant that has been respected by many cultures for millennia as a medicinal and health enhancing plant. The main medicinal compound in blackseed is 

thymoquinone. This natural medicinal chemical has been used since ancient times in natural treatments for hypertension, asthma, inflammation, diabetes, bronchitis, coughs, eczema, headaches,  dizziness, fever and influenza.

Recent research has shown that blackseed may have some benefits when used to treat both the short term and long term effects of COVID-19. This would make sense, as the thymoquinone is an anti-inflammatory, and modulating the inflammatory response is an accepted method of treating COVID-19.

Ginger, (Zingiber officinale) is a plant that is both important in food as a flavour, and in many traditional and modern medicines. More and more modern research is emerging which shows definite scientific proof of these medicinal effects although some studies have shown that more rigour is needed in many of these studies.

What we do know is that ginger has anti-inflammatory effects. Combining Ginger and Blackseed honey combines the anti-inflammatory and medicinal effects of two powerful healing plants, together with the natural health benefits of honey itself.

A teaspoon of Apilife Blackseed Honey with Ginger in your tea, or drizzled on your toast for breakfast will help to strengthen your body and improve your health. We benefit from consuming a broad range of phyto-medicinal compunds, and adding Apilife Blackseed Honey with Ginger can only add value to your life!!





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